Phillips Modern Art Online Auction 2019 - Video Edit.
Phillips is the destination for international collectors to buy and sell the world’s most important contemporary works of art. By focusing specifically on the defining aesthetic movements of the last century, we’ve set ourselves apart as the most dynamic and forward-thinking auction house.
Kenal Group proudly presents series of video clips cooperated with the world’s famous Auctioneers – Phillips. Featuring in 6 natural elements connected with sports activities: wind, air, snow, tarmac, lawn and water, brings out the uniqueness and the perpetual of luxurious watches.
Phillips & Blackbird: SPORTS - Water - Video Edit.
Time is like water. It flows, it flows and it flows as time goes by.
Phillips & Blackbird: SPORTS - Wind - Video Edit.
Sailing into the wind and time will guide us to the destination where we are heading.
Phillips & Blackbird: SPORTS - Air - Video Edit.
With limited time, we are creating unlimited precious moments.
Phillips & Blackbird: SPORTS - Snow - Video Edit.
Slowly walk up to the mountain covered by snow, slide down within a frozen critic moment.
Phillips & Blackbird: SPORTS - Tarmac - Video Edit.
One world - within different time zone, we all are moving forward.
Phillips & Blackbird: SPORTS - Lawn - Video Edit.
Speeds bring out the elegancy.
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