Calbee BBQ, Hot & Spicy and Pizza Flavoured packaging - UEFA EURO 2016 Edition
Package design of potato chips with illustration relates to the theme of UEFA.
The Calbee Group, one of the largest snack & food manufacturers in Japan, is committed to harnessing nature's gifts, to bringing taste and fun, and to contributing to healthy lifestyles. Its snacks are hugely popular in Asia, and are well known in the United States.
The package with cartoon illustration of soccer players establishes a young and friendly image of the brand.
New package design of Veggie Pizza Flavoured Potato Chips has launched in 2016.
Packaging of Cola and Sea-salt Vanilla Flavoured were developed for the latest Calbee Sweet Potato Chips Collection.
New package design of BBQ and Hot & Spicy Wave Cut Flavoured Potato Chips has launched in 2017.
Packaging of Jagabee Typhoon Shelter Style Spicy Flavoured Potato Sticks
Packaging of Jagabee Mixes-3-Cups Pack with Original Flavour and Seaweed Flavoured Potato Sticks
Calbee prawn chips pepper and spicy seafood package.
Calbee Corn Maru and ketchup prawn package.
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